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Group Breathwork 

Online Group Breathwork Sessions

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork refers to numerous conscious breathing exercises and techniques used to improve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It involves intentionally changing your breathing pattern in a conscious and systematic way to achieve desired results, which in most cases will be to achieve either a state of deep relaxation, a connection to the body, to the Spirit, or for the release of some trauma, or to access altered states of awareness.

Breathwork techniques can range from dynamic and very energetic to very calming and grounding.

On an Emotional level, breathing can release and help us process trauma, relieve stress, and control anxiety. Paying attention to your breath can help you to connect with your Mind, your Body, and your Emotions. Spiritually, breathwork techniques can alter your state of being and allow you to access deeper levels of consciousness becoming more fully self-aware.

Online Group Breathwork Sessions

Bi-Weekly Breathwork sessions, access to all recordings just £12 a month

Breathe & Heal group session is on Thursday Evenings at 7.45pm UK Time, it is a gentle yet Powerful Breathwork session.

It is a combination of Relaxation, Breathing, Suggestion and powerful Healing Vibrations

The combination of Breath techniques and suggestion brings about a state of relaxation, where you can heal and release, or access higher states of awareness.

Throughout the whole session which may last between 30 – 45 mins all you need to do is lay back relax, breathe, and follow my suggestions.

Breathwork sessions will involve the following.

  • Music

  • Conscious Connected Breathing

  • Suggestions / Verbal Guidance


Dynamic Breathwork group session is on Sunday Evenings at 7.45pm UK Time, it is like breathe & heal on steroids.

Dynamic Breathing for the purpose of our sessions means, strong in and out breaths.

You will be guided through three short dynamic breath sets, each set followed by a breath hold on in the in breath, and a breath hold on the out breath.

Followed by a short period of rest.

Each Dynamic breathwork set is slightly longer than the last set, and the breath holds too are slightly longer each time.

After the third and final set there is an extended period of Guided meditation.

Dynamic Breathwork

Is like our Breathe & Heal session on Steroids!

Powerful Dynamic Breathing Techniques, Powerful suggestions, and powerful Healing Vibrations

combine to assist in the release of trauma, self-sabotage, self-doubt and to open you to self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love.


The conscious breath and movement of energy causes our bodies to release powerful chemicals, such as Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin to name just a few that can bring on feelings of Joy, peace, and even euphoria, saturating the system with oxygen and feel-good chemicals, spurring the body into releasing and healing.

Breath is the essence of life, the spirit that animates a physical being.

It is the first thing we do when we are born, and the last thing we do before we leave this earth.

It is natural and done largely without conscious awareness. When we become aware and Conscious of our breathing, we can use it and direct it to release trapped energy and to heal.


Over the years there have been countless scientific studies done on breath and breathing and the effects it can have on our physiology, our mental and physical well-being.

Breathwork can prevent pain, relieve stress and anxiety and discomfort. It can provoke the flight or fight syndrome; it increases our heart rate and our blood pressure and correspondingly it can lower our heart rate and blood pressure too.

One thing is for sure Breath is Powerful and can even activate the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Even more amazing is that we can take conscious control of it to direct energy throughout our Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies

Incidentally it is often said that it is the Spirit that animates the body, but did you know the word spirit comes from the Latin word spiritus, whose original meaning was “breath, breathing” Interesting yes!

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