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Healer Development Course

HD-1 Healer Development Course

Learn all you need to know to practice as a Professional Healer

Investment for the course is just £6 a month


The course will cover the following areas.

  • What is Spiritual Healing: A look at what Spiritual Healing is plus Views from experienced healers.

  • Nature of Healing: Looks at some of the factors in disease and the simple meaning of Healing

  • The Healer: Briefly looks at the role of the healer in the modern word

  • Practical exercises: Are interwoven throughout the course.

  • Self-Development: Looks at the responsibility of a healer and some of the things that can affect you.

  • Self Healing: Offers a few practical exercises to help keep you balanced and in harmony with yourself.

  • Protection: Examines whether protection is required, and if so protection from what.

  • Attunement: Explains the act and the purpose of attunement, it is not a Reiki Attunement.

  • Distant Healing: Explores Distant Healing, and offers several techniques to assist in the act of Distant Healing.

  • Chakras: In this course we will be examining 7 of the Major Chakras and 14 minor chakras.

  • Administration of a Healing Session: Covers a Healing session from the first point of contact through Explanation of the healing act , to possible questions you may be asked and also Record Keeping.

  • The Healing Experience: Offers a glimpse of how a Healing experience may affect a Patient, Physically, Emotionally and Psychologically.

  • Healing and the Law: Explores some of the legal requirements of being a Healer, such as Notifiable diseases, conditions you are not allowed to treat, claims you are not allowed to make, Healing with regard to animals, Children and pregnant women.

  • Contact Healing: Takes you through a Chair healing routine from beginning to end, and also a full Couch Healing Routine.

  • Appendix:

  • History of Healing: Objective to give you an idea of the foundation and background of the healing movement and how it developed to this moment in time.

  • Meditation: To give you an understanding of several different methods of meditation and its purpose or aim.

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