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How to Create Affirmations

Non Spiritual Affirmations

Non Spiritual Affirmations have been around for a long time and most people have heard of them or perhaps even tried them. All affirmations should be positive, uplifting and life affirming.

So what are affirmations?

Affirmations are usually short (although they can be longer) statements that are intended to change or reprogram some aspect of our life, character, habits or beliefs in a positive way.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of General positive affirmations available for people to use, if you want a powerful affirmation it should really be specific to you and to the purpose that you wish to achieve and also should be worded in a way that is natural to you.

There is much more chance of the affirmation taking root in you and flourishing if it has been created by you for you in your own words.

The reason for this is quite simple, we have affirmative self-talk going on in the background of our minds all day long. Unfortunately most of it is Critical, Negative or self-destructive.

This constant barrage of negative self-talk is so common that it largely goes by unnoticed we do not even notice how many times we put ourselves down, or confirm how useless, worthless, hopeless, weak or pathetic that we are, these self-critical affirmations are just accepted and as a result they create circumstances or experiences in our lives which confirm, that we are indeed useless, worthless and pathetic.

So a vicious cycle is created which makes it increasingly difficult for us to break free and to realise our true potential, or to discover our true value or indeed our true nature.

Much of this negative self-talk comes from childhood experiences, and to unravel, identify and reprogram them all one by one could easily take a lifetime to achieve.

So why not instead create Powerful affirmations that use words familiar to you, words that can replace the constant negative, destructive self-talk that holds us back, with words that will empower us, uplift us and create the experiences that we want.

Spiritual Affirmations

Spiritual affirmations like normal affirmations can reprogram you on many levels and overcome negative destructive self-talk.

Spiritual Affirmations have the power to transform your inner mental and emotional landscape so that it will positively align with your higher self, empowering you to fulfil your soul purpose.

For those who are in the midst of a Spiritual Awakening where the mental and emotional landscape is constantly shifting and changing and the foundations of who you are have gone, Spiritual Affirmations can be very powerful indeed, and may help you find a solid foundation from which to launch your new Spiritual Life built on the foundations of your authentic self and leading to fulfilment of your soul purpose.

Create powerful Spiritual Affirmations

There are a few basic rules with creating powerful Spiritual Affirmations, and then there are some useful guidelines too. Let’s start with the Basic Rules.

· Know what you want

· Keep it specific and brief

· Use words that suit you

· Use the present tense

· Start with ” I am”

· Write them down

· Use them every day as often as possible

If you do not know what you want how can you ever expect to have it, take time to be sure of what it is you want. If you cannot pin it down then perhaps use a more general term until you come to realise what it is that you really want.

Keep it specific the more specific you are the more powerful your affirmation will be, keeping it brief also makes it more powerful, it is easier to remember easier to repeat and more easily absorbed by your mind.

We have thoughts in our heads all day long, and these thoughts use the language that we speak, so the mind will more easily absorb affirmations if they are using the same language that it is used to hearing.

Use the present tense, this is important because the past has already gone it is done and dusted and over, the future is not here in this present moment and never will be, all that we can ever truly experience is this present moment, the power is therefore here and now, if we place our affirmations at some point in the future it is very likely that is exactly where they will stay.

Start with “I am” this addresses us personally, most of our negative self-talk uses the terms I am too. Such as I am useless, I am stupid, I am Ill, I am angry, I am upset. So in using I am it is language that we regularly use and will be more readily accepted by our minds.

Writing them down, takes it out of the mind, the imagination and makes it real, the written word is powerful, make your affirmations real by writing them down.

Use them every day, to overcome the powerful negative self-talk that we all have, we need to train our mind to be positive and to focus on what we want to achieve not on what we cannot achieve, in order to do this we need to consciously and deliberately recite or repeat our chosen Spiritual Affirmation regularly and daily until it takes root and becomes a part of our normal daily self-talk.

Be Bold be brave when creating your Spiritual Affirmations.

For you truly are a Powerful Spiritual being, you are more powerful more worthy, more capable than even the greatest thing that you can currently create as an affirmation.

Create it, practice it, Believe it and you will receive it

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