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Spiritual Mental Health

Updated: Jul 26

Maintaining Spiritual Mental health requires a fine balance between our Spiritual life and our material Life. If we get the balance right then it is likely that our Spiritual Mental Health will be good.

If we get it wrong then we can find ourselves struggling in one or more areas of our life. Spiritual Mental Health the Question So how do we ensure a healthy balance in our lives? This is not an easy question to answer as it depends on many things and each person is very individual in their view or understanding of what they feel they need in their life in order to feel contentment.

This is a very subjective experience which can and does change with time, so although in your early years a successful career, lovely house and car, and all the latest hi tech gadgets may be what brings you happiness in life, this can quickly change and create a Spiritual Crisis, whereby you wake up one morning and realize that these things no longer fulfil you in anyway, and something inside you yearns for something greater. This is very challenging, because in most cases up until this point you may have wholeheartedly believed that money, success and material possession was what life was all about, so to suddenly realize that materially you have everything you need and most of what you wanted and yet something important is missing and you cannot for the life of you understand what that something might be. This can lead you on a search or a quest for whatever this missing thing is, or it can lead you to a breakdown in mental health, with depression (disguised as burn out) taking route or some form of addictive behavior with drink or drugs in the hope that they will offer you the missing link to personal fulfillment. It may come in the form of anxiety, phobias or panic attacks. Of course this does not happen to everyone, the world is full of people who worship the material world and its possessions. But they are very unlikely to be reading this. So if you are reading this it is very likely that it is because you have realized in some way that something is missing from your life, or something is wrong with your life as it stands now. Spiritual Mental Health the Key So what is the key to Spiritual Mental Health, how do we have a fulfilling life, if the material possessions do not bring us the happiness that we thought they would? The answer to this question lies in something that we perhaps had not up until this point considered, and it is this, if we are just physical beings born into a material world to live a material life why is it that material wealth and success does not live up to our expectations of it. Could it be that we are more than just physical beings, and that to focus only on the material aspects of our being is bound to, in the long run leave us feeling unfulfilled. I called this article Spiritual Mental Health for a very good reason, because I believe that we cannot have Good Mental Health if we only look at the physical aspects of our physical and mental life, because Health by definition is wholeness, in order to have Mental Health we need to embrace all aspects of ourselves this includes the Spiritual too. The spiritual mental aspect of our being causes us to look deeper within ourselves for answers to questions like who we are, why we are here, what is the purpose of our existence, why do we behave in certain things, think certain things or believe the things we believe whilst dismissing other things. This introspection can lead us on a personal journey a voyage of discovery where a sense of fulfillment becomes accessible. Often the Spiritual aspects of our being will draw us to notice simple things that money cannot buy, like a glorious sunset, or the sun shimmering on the sea, or the fragrant smell of a rose in the height of summer. Or the amazing colors on a bird. When we are drawn to these simple things they often have a profound effect on us, that brings a sense of belonging, a sense of something greater than us that creates all of the wonders in the world that we so often do not even notice, because we are too busy with other important things. To have spiritual mental health, we need to feel this wonder, this awe, this sense of belonging, this sense of connection to all that is, for it brings balance into another wise materialistic unfulfilling life, it is these experiences that fill the void within us and bring that Spiritual component into life within us, it then remains as the guiding star quietly at the center of all that we do and all that we are.. So please take time to notice, take time to sit in wonder not only at the beautiful signs in nature but also of the stunning miracle that you are.

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