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Psychic Medium Course

MD-1 Psychic Medium Course

Our Professional Psychic Medium development course is an Online Course There are 7 pre-corded videos of Live Teaching Lessons that you can watch at your own pace. There are quizzes and assignments that can all be done online at your own pace.


It is complete with support in our facebook support group + access to our weekly online live Development Circle for practice reading with Tutor support.

Cost is just £12 a month and includes access to our weekly student only online development circle, where you can practice read in a safe environment with Tutor and Peer support. 

MD-1 Course Syllabus

The course will cover the following areas.


  • Categories of Mediumship: Including objective and Subjective, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance,

  • Physical mediumship

  • Protection: What are you protecting yourself from and how to do it.

  • Setting Boundaries: Importance of setting boundaries both in your personal life and with Spirit

  • Grounding: Importance of remaining grounded

  • Meditation: Different aspects of meditation and the role it plays

  • Cleansing; A look at the importance of Cleansing your energy and ways of doing so.

  • Spirit Guides and Higher Self: A look at the different types of guides and the role of your higher self.

  • Empaths: How to control aspects of empathy.

  • Stages of Grief: Most of your clients will be in some stage of grieving the loss of a loved one, this gives you an understanding of the process of grief.

  • Art of Spirit Communication: A look at the difficulties that have to be overcome in order for a medium to make and maintain a contact with spirit and the effort involved for a spirit to be able to communicate.

  • Symbolism: The role of symbolism in your readings and how you can use it to your advantage.

  • Art of Delivery: How to deliver the messages you receive in a way that they are likely to be better received and understood.

  • Morals and Ethics: A look at some of the moral dilemmas we are faced with in our work.

  • Code of Conduct:

  • The Law: A brief look at the law as it appertains to Mediums

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